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Hub21 Virtual Programs are waiting for creative minds

from 7 to 17 years old!

Hub21 creates a joyful environment

where children innovate using

an entrepreneurial mindset and core STEM.

The most valuable skills of the future will be uniquely human: creativity, empathy, curiosity, courage, flexibility, and innovative logic. All kids must develop these skills to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset.


HUB21 Virtual Programs offer 1h 30 mins class session with live instructors for each of our 9 hour-long programs for changemakers aged between 7 and 17. They can learn, create, and get inspired anytime anywhere with Hub21's passionate tutors.

HUB21 Weekend offers different tech topics for changemakers to improve their entrepreneurial mindset and STEM skills at Kolektif House.

HUB21 team offers hands-on tech projects as daily workshops to develop changemaker's entrepreneurial mindset and STEM skills in a wall-less environment.

HUB21 for Girls is a social responsibility project aiming to create multi-generational impact in Turkey by encouraging girls and young women to take risks and pursue entrepreneurial and STEM careers.



I see the light in the eyes of kids. There is another way for the education and you prove this at Hub21.


Thank you to everyone, you changed the mindset of our child. We are missing you all !!! Please send us the info related to your camp to show the teacher here in Leicester


"Thank you for this super memorable camp. I loved everyone at WeGrow Kaplankaya and I hope to do WeGrow next year. "