Why Should Children Learn Scratch?

Scratch is a visual block-based software language in which children can develop creative programs by dragging and dropping task blocks. Scratch is developed by the MIT Media Lab and it is highly appreciated as a next-generation tool to help children prepare for the 21st century!

Our children’s computational thinking skills such as problem-solving, applying what they have learned will help them not only in front of the computer screen but in all areas of life. Children gain the opportunity to interact with the outside world by acquiring digital literacy skills.

Created with friendly and colorful designs, Scratch is a great way for our children to start acquiring important skills such as algorithmic logic, computational thinking, and problem-solving.

Scratch allows children to produce stories, animations, games, and even programs that can interact with the outside world. Besides, they can express their creativity by sharing their own projects!

In Scratch, children learn to design their projects and solve problems creatively, while being able to express their ideas freely and collaborate with others. They also learn to share, present their work to others, and receive and give feedback.

As the digital world integrates with the physical world faster day by day, there is a greater need than ever to teach our children all new and emerging technologies. Scratch is definitely at the forefront of preferred programs for children to acquire and develop 21st-century skills!

By participating in this creative and entertaining revolution, we offer our children coding training prepared with fun and interactive content to lead the world of tomorrow. Be prepared to be surprised by the amazing games they will create by signing up for our interactive and live lessons!

Team HUB21 / Zeynep