Why is it Important to Empower Girls to Code?

In recent years, learning programming and coding have become as important as being literate. It is crucial to raise kids who can keep up with the demands of the changing world and we believe that creating a gender-equal atmosphere is an integral part of the process. In order to achieve that, girls have to be a part of the picture. Empowering girls to code:

Bridges the gender gap in tech!

We believe we can create a more equitable tech world, despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak by introducing girls to STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ) from an early age. But once girls get started in STEM, we shall help and support them, reminding them that this is not a boy's field. We will build awareness and fight to remove the obstacles so they pursue their careers in STEM successfully along with their male counterparts.

Fosters their emotional growth!

Girls are good at problem-solving and being consistent when asked to perform a task. They can be pretty competent when it comes to solving complex problems. Giving them the opportunity to work on programming and coding will have a positive impact on their emotional growth as well as their academic growth!

Creates Role Models for Young Girls!

Children mainly learn through observation. Having successful women to look up to in the fields that they want to work in is important for their motivation. Having coding and programming abilities increases the number of women in the workforce, which can motivate young girls to strive to be like their role models.

Increases Their Confidence!

Coding and programming may require different solution approaches to the task on hand. Practicing different approaches on a daily basis will help girls develop critical thinking abilities and give them a chance to increase them day by day. When they realize their improved abilities, girls’ confidence will increase, which will help close the gender gap due to the lack of confidence in girls.

Team HUB21 / Zeynep T.