4 Internet Safety Tips For Kids

The internet has its disadvantages as well as its advantages, and it sometimes can be an unsafe space. In a world where the internet is taking up significant space in our lives, it is important to keep an eye on the possible threats it poses, especially to kids. Here are some tips on how to protect children from the dangers of the online world:

1- Set Up a Screen Time Limit

There is no denying that the kids of the 21st century rely on technology to get things done on a daily basis as people of all ages do, especially during the pandemic. However, the amount of time spent surfing the net is still of the utmost importance regarding its effectiveness. Banning the usage of the internet completely may not be the ideal solution as it could have a counterproductive effect on children, so it is really important to set up a specific time limit to make sure that the kids are not spending too much time online. 

2- Highlight the Importance of Privacy

It can be really tempting for kids to ensure their place on the net via social media accounts. They may find it necessary to create their own Instagram accounts or their YouTube channels to follow their favorite influencers and to share snippets of their own private lives in the hopes of becoming like them. It is quite important to talk to your kids about the importance of privacy and the harm strangers online could possibly cause once they have access to their personal information.

3- Keep Passwords Secret

We have access to tons of websites and accounts with the help of passwords; from online shopping sites to educational websites. Since the information these websites contain are quite personal and valuable, they must be kept secret. Kids, especially younger ones, may show the tendency to share passwords with close friends or even strangers, so it is necessary to inform them on the importance of passwords and why they should be known only by them and a close family member.

4- Use Kid-Friendly Search Engines & Features

Google offers kid-friendly search engines such as Kiddle and Kidtopia, and features such as SafeSearch to protect kids from the harmful and unwanted contents of the internet. Kiddle and Kidtopia are search engines for kids as they allow them to explore the net safely by not allowing them to search for inappropriate things. SafeSearch also provides a safe space for your kids as it filters offensive content.

Hub21 Team / Zeynep Turasan