Meet Our Tutor Nazir

Why do you spend your time teaching with Hub21?     

The process of learning new concepts, organizing them, breaking them down into simple parts, and sharing them with others is something that brings me great joy. Being able to simplify and communicate ideas to young children is even more exciting because it is more challenging and plays a crucial role in changing the future to become a better place.

How has teaching with Hub21 impacted you?

Hub21’s vision of creating a customizable learning experience for students has affected my approach to teaching. It made me put more focus on observing and understanding the capabilities of my students, and then plan my lessons and pace accordingly. This approach proved to be quite effective and time-efficient.

What are some of your teaching principles or strategies?

Introducing new ideas to students is a challenging task. Therefore, I try to find or come up with examples and analogies that will help the students smoothly understand the new concepts before each lesson. Also, I like to prepare a script that summarizes the flow of each class and prepare beforehand possible brain teaser questions that trigger the students’ thinking and make them ask questions.

What do you do outside of teaching with Hub21?

I will very soon graduate from Koç University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, and next semester I will be starting my Computer Science Master's Degree at Koç University also as a fellow at the Koç University İş Bankası Artificial Intelligence Center. I am also currently researching Artificial Intelligence with one of my professors, which is something I am very excited about.

What are the funny moments you’ve had with your students?

 In one of the lessons, the student and I were creating a game, and the student wanted to add sound effects to the game, so instead of choosing a soundtrack, she recorded herself beatboxing and added it to the game. That lesson was a funny combination of problem-solving and musical talent.

Team HUB21