The Language that Builds the Internet: What is JavaScript?

According to the 2021 Stack Overflow Developers Survey, JavaScript was chosen as the most used programming language by the votes of 65% of professional developers. JavaScript is mainly used for web design, although it can be used in many different areas. It is the most used language along with HTML vs CSS languages ​​to create an interactive website across the entire web. Then, what is JavaScipt? In this article, we will review one of the most popular coding languages, JavaScript.

What is Coding?

Coding, also used as programming, is the language of computers. With coding, we command computers to which operation to perform. The coding process enable computers to operate actions in a much faster way. It is used for many different purposes from website to mobile applications development.

What is JavaScript? 

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the oldest and most widely used programming languages. It was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995. The websites of the biggest and most famous companies around the world such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon are all developed by JavaScript.

Website development is divided into two main categories: back-end and front-end. The back-end developers build the internal system, the server-side that users cannot see when they open the page and the front-end developers create the visual part of the page that users interact with, the client-side. JavaScript is a client-side programming language that front-end developers use for developing the part of a website that the user interacts with.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are often used together to develop a site. While HTML creates the skeleton of the page, CSS determines the page looks and its stylization. JavaScript is a more complex and functional programming language than others. It increases the functionality and interaction of the site by rearranging HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used for more advanced operations while developing a website. For example, it is used to create a new menu box next to the page when you press the menu button, or to create an animated photo gallery that enables users to switch between slides.

JavaScript Features

Javascript is one of the most preferred programming languages ​​since it is easy to use, can be applied in many different areas, and can display many different functions. Here, are some of its features:

Interpreted Language

Program languages ​​are divided into two: interpreted and compiled. In compiled languages, the target machine translates the program directly, while in an interpreted language, another program called an interpreter translates the code and the machine executes it. JavaScript is an interpreted programming language just like Python.

Platform Independent

Since JavaScript is an interpreted programming language, it is not dependent on the target machine, which provides an advantage of its flexibility in use. The program can run on different platforms regardless of the computer's operating system and browser.

Dynamic and Easy Use

Thanks to its minimalist syntax, JavaScript is a relatively easy programming language to implement and learn.

What is the Difference Between JavaScript and Java?

Contrary to the similarity in name, JavaScript and Java are completely different programming languages. The main difference between them is that Java is a compiled language, whereas JavaScript is an interpreted language, which means JavaScript is a more flexible language that can run different platforms though Java is more dependent on the target machine.

What JavaScript is Used For?

JavaScript can be used for many different purposes thanks to its ability to perform many different functions and its easy and flexible use. To give a few examples of these:

Mobile Application


Due to its platform-independent feature, an application programmed once in JavaScript can be used on all other mobile platforms. In this respect, it is a suitable programming language for those who want to develop a mobile application from scratch.

Game Development

Candy Crush

JavaScript is also suitable for developing web-based games. It is very useful for online and mobile game development since its main focus is to increase user interaction. For this reason, in our online Javascript lessons at HUB21, we work together on web-based game development projects after our students comprehend the fundamentals of the language.


Robotic Arm

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that allows data exchange between sensor-fitted and coded physical objects with different tools via the internet. It is possible to develop simple robotic projects thanks to the IoT frameworks provided by JavaScript such as creating a robot arm.

JavaScript Courses for Kids

JavaScript is a suitable option for children who are interested in coding, as it allows use in many areas and is one of the most common programming languages. Due to the similar structure of the two programming languages, children who already have Python knowledge can learn JavaScript more easily and make rapid progress. 

Although Python is commonly used in backend development focused on machine learning, JavaScript is more used in developing websites which is a process that requires visualization and anticipation skills.

At HUB21, children who have a solid coding foundation with our Python lessons can continue our JavaScript lessons and improve themselves. After learning the basics of the program in our online Javascript courses, they can develop their games.