Choosing Right Platforms During Online Education Process

With the Covid-19 outbreak, many new concepts have entered our lives. One of the most commonly used phrases is the “New Normal”. The global pandemic has triggered the widespread usage of many new online education tools and different learning technologies. At the beginning of this unusual process, educational institutions all over the world were looking for platforms that would enable them to continue education in the most effective way. A year and a half into the pandemic, online learning has become an essential part of education for all schools and students. It has become a unique tool not only for compulsory academic life but also for extra-curricular activities. Recently, the demand for online learning has increased significantly, and it looks like it will stick around in the future.

As is the case for many educational methods, online education has its own advantages and disadvantages. Targeting the advantages and disadvantages effectively will provide institutions and parents with crucial information on what to pay attention to while using the method at hand.

Let’s get to know about online education together.

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere!


Unlike traditional education, online education does not require a specific time or place for you to attend your classes. Also, the learning process can be recorded, saved, and shared. That allows students to access the class materials whenever they need them. Remote learning not only enables you to arrange your academic schedule according to yourselves but also the other educational programs that you would like to join based on your personal interests. Since you do not have to waste time commuting, you can spend more time with your family and loved ones :) In Hub21, students are given the opportunity to choose the timing of all their sessions according to their own daily schedule.

Opportunity to Pick the Best Education!

The physical contribution requirement for traditional learning may make it hard for us to make use of certain opportunities of education due to the distance. However, there is no such restriction when it comes to online learning. Wherever you are around the world, with remote learning you can pick the educational program which suits your needs and satisfies your expectations and access them without trouble. For example, no matter which country you live in, you can check Hub21’s website, get to know our prestigious educational programs, and access all the information you need that will make your journey to education more efficient. 

Personalized Content


Every student’s learning process is different, and that’s why educators should be great observers and shape the class contents according to the students’ needs after analyzing them carefully. For an effective learning experience during online learning, instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach for every student in different age groups, the teaching methods should be dynamic and flexible. Hub21 coding programs present personalized content for different age groups and different student needs and interests.

Decreased Span of Attention


One of the most challenging aspects of online learning is the increased screen time and the toll it has on concentration. The span of attention on a single subject varies within different age groups. It is important for the educator to take that issue into consideration, and provide the students with enriched content to increase their participation during class. The attentive tutors of Hub21 work as a team to create a teaching environment that will increase the students’ participation in the lessons.

Technical Issues

With increased screen time and constant engagement with technological devices, it is almost impossible to avoid technical difficulties. From time to time, these issues interfere with the learning process, but the instructors should have the adequate skills to deal with them. If it gets really impossible to deal with those technical issues, instructors can incorporate traditional teaching & learning methods in the online teaching & learning process. What educators have to take into account is that it is important for them to be inspired by the past and be open to learning to get used to the process faster while improving their abilities to modify the future learning methods.

Education has a vital role in satisfying the growing demands of the changing world. It is really crucial to enable the children to participate in every platform of learning that will contribute to their personal and academic growth. Online education is one of the most prominent shapers of the future. It will become an essential part of our lives when its advantages and disadvantages are analyzed carefully.

The Hub21 Team / Tugce G. & Zeynep T.