5 Skills Kids Gain Through Coding

In the recent past, coding was seen by many as a strange hobby for enthusiasts dealing with computers in basements. However, in the last 20 years, coding has ceased to be a hobby and has become an activity that permeates every aspect of our lives. Thanks to coding, which is a basic literary skill in the digital age, many things that we could not even imagine before are now under our fingers, even the machines we produce are capable of self-learning.

We believe that our change-makers can have a voice in today's technology if they are not the consumers but the producers of the digital revolution.

Here are 5 reasons why bright minds should learn to code:

Provides Problem Solving Ability at an Early Age

By thinking computationally, children learn to solve big problems by converting them into a series of smaller and manageable problems. However, instead of waiting for the entire project to be completed, they learn to recognize their mistakes earlier by gaining the habit of testing each step. This is a very useful skill that they can use outside of the computer screen!

Teaches Mathematical Thinking

Mathematical thinking is very different from applying the mathematical formulas we learn in current school curricula! Children learn to use mathematics as a tool to solve problems they encounter in real life by going beyond routines. In this way, they establish a connection between their theoretical and practical knowledge, improve their mathematical skills and contribute to their cognitive development.

Provides Cause and Effect Relationship Between Events

In coding, every situation is unique. Thus, it challenges our minds as well as our approach to problems and solutions. Children who learn to solve problems in the most ideal and effective way possible approach all issues analytically and solution-oriented by establishing connections between events!

Improves Their Creativity

Unlike adults, most children have young and creative minds that can think out of the box. The endless search for solutions motivates them to use their creativity at a high level. By teaching that there is always more than one correct answer, coding encourages the idea that there may be another way to reach the desired solution. At the same time, they have the opportunity to interact with the world by producing new content instead of just consuming digital media!

Teaches Not To Ignore Problems and To Be Determined

While children are coding, they learn how to deal with problems and anticipate mistakes that may occur. Knowing how to write the correct code can help prevent the entire program from crashing. Moreover, if the program they created does not satisfy children, they tend to persist in achieving their goals. Children are more successful when they acknowledge that it is normal to struggle and embrace the process!

Learning to code for kids seems like an enormous effort, right? At Hub21, we teach coding, which is the most valuable skill they can have in the 21st century, fondly to our change-makers, with fun content.

´╗┐Team HUB21 / Zeynep