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HUB21 is a community for students to master the tech skills that are essential for their future.

At HUB21, students learn through project-based curriculums which respond to their current needs. They experience a fun and rewarding journey by hybrid learning, which includes both one-on-one and online courses.

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Personalized Project-Based Curriculum
Best Tutors from Top Universities
Hybrid Learning

Our Curriculum

An in-demand content curated by the Hub21 Team and tested by students.

  • Personalized learning journey empowered by technology
    Enables each student to progress at their own pace and follow an inspirational learning path that forces individual learning to be effective.
  • Inquiry-based learning guided by the best tutors
    Drives students’ curiosity with real-world examples, interest-based projects through high-level questioning and critical reasoning.
  • Fun content enriched with games
    Simplifies and improves learning to increase students’ motivation and engagement, to enhance visual skills, to improve students’ interaction and collaboration abilities.

Take a Look our Student Can Luca's Journey with Hub21

Our Hybrid Learning System

1-to-1 online tutoring & peer learning in small groups

Our method centers on private online courses with passionate tutors and peer learning in small groups. We believe in hybrid learning, and offer online and in-person opportunities.

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Our Tutors

Inspiring and enthusiastic young tutors who are all experts in their field, studying in the top universities and willing to share their knowledge with the next generation.

  • Computer Science or Engineering students.
  • Passionate about Coding, Game Development, and Creative Technologies.
  • Trained by tutorials of experienced tutors and certified by Hub21.
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Tutors From Top Universities

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Upcoming Events

Kolektif House Maslak
Lego Robotics Workshops First Batch

17 September - 14 January

Kolektif House Maslak
Lego Robotics Workshops

26 November - 14 January

Kolektif House Maslak
Lego Robotics Workshops 3rd Batch

11 February - 10 June

Koç Topluluğu Spor Kulübü
Lego Robotics Workshops 1st Batch

02 October - 06 November

Koç Topluluğu Spor Kulübü
Lego Robotics Workshops 2nd Batch

27 November - 08 January

Hub21 London
Coding & Robotics Workshops

24 October - 28 October

Fall Camp

14 September - 18 September

Hub21 İzmir
Coding & Robotics Workshops

01 November - 01 November