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Course Description

From the fundamentals of game design to essential 2D game programming concepts, your child will continue building the skills required to develop a seriously impressive multi-platform video game.
During our second module, they will learn how to create exhilarating custom behaviours and improve their game mechanics using the best practices.

For the Virtual Platformer Module 2 Course, your child will need:

  • Internet Connection

  • Computer 

  • Access to Zoom with microphone and webcam

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In this program, your child will

  • Code professional game features 

  • Get an understanding of the principles of a successful game & exhilarating custom behaviours

  • Learn through a series of fun, game-based exercises



1. Hub21 Virtual, is it for fun or to learn? 


Both! Our gamification approach allows our budding changemakers to explore and understand in a fun way without taking real risks. Children are stimulated and committed to learn while having fun!

2. Is Hub21 Virtual only for geeks? 


Absolutely not ! Hub21 Virtual sessions are suitable for all children, whether they are new to coding or already have programming skills. Our educational approach allows us to be present for each of them, according to their needs and expectations.

3. Do you organize tryout sessions? 


Yes ! We could talk to you for hours about our active entrepreneurial methodology, the tech-skills that children develop and their growing enthusiasm after each session ... We are aware that the best way to convince you and your children is to give it a try at no cost. Contact us and we will propose to you a tryout session in the best delay!


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