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Berk Sürücü

Robotics & Coding Coach

Berk was one of the leading members of a several award finalist and winner Turkish team - FRC3646 INTEGRA- that participated in International robotics contests (Chairman’s Finalist Award at 2017 Houston Championship, Roebling Division Finalist alliance of the 2018 Houston Championship). He was also one the first high school Microsoft student partners. He started teaching robotics and coding to children few years ago through major social projects in collaboration with Habitat, the Vodafone Foundation and YGA. He keeps creating new content for children to nurture and grow their skills.

Efraim Ölçer

Robotics & Coding Coach

Efraim is a computer engineering student at Istanbul Technical University. He was one of the 50 students that received the TEV High Honor Scholarship in 2016. Efraim worked as a content producer for Bilin Deneyin, a TV Program aired on CNN Turk in 2017. As a volunteer at Young Guru Academy, he also makes science sessions with 8-14-year-old children in different countries. He had over 800 hours of experience as a moderatorship.

Didem Cikse


Didem most recently worked for venture capital in Turkey, investing in early-stage technology startups. Before there, she was the manager of Arikovani Turkcell, the leading crowdfunding platform of Turkey. Didem was a co-founder of YGA Ventures and as a marketer, she helped grow three tech startups in solar energy, smart home technologies, and location-based technologies. She also contributed to the creation and execution of YGA educational program for children.

Sylvain Roussarie


Sylvain is a French mentor who has been working with children in New York and Istanbul for the past 7 years. He is also cooperating closely with Professor O. Houdé, Director of the Laboratory for the Psychology of Child Development and Education at CNRS- Paris Descartes. Sylvain participates in cognitive neuroscience and education sciences conferences in Turkey and Europe. 

Alpay Sabuncuoğlu

Coding & AI Coach

Alpay is a master's student at Koc University and member of the Intelligent User Interface Laboratory.  He develops applications, workshops and curriculum related to programming. His research interest focuses on artificial intelligence and student's collaboration. Currently, Alpay designs a data-science curriculum and interface to support middle-school math education.

Michael Barngrover

Coding & Game Development Coach

Michael is an American developer of virtual and augmented reality experiences and has called Istanbul home for many years. He is a Ph.D. student at Koç University and a member of Turkey's new virtual and augmented reality Lab. Since graduating, he has been lecturing on the use of extended realities for business as well as mentoring and training students and children to design and development their own XR applications.

Ceylan Beşevli

Design Coach

Ceylan has her bachelors degree from ITU Industrial Product Design. She is now doing her Ph.D. at Koç University and working on child-computer interaction. Her interests lie in designing age-appropriate technologies for children, in terms of supporting their developmental needs, while fostering their creative skills.

Ecenur Bacaksızlar

Design Coach

Ecenur received her bachelor's degree in Industrial Product Design from Istanbul Technical University. After her graduation, she worked for lead design offices in Istanbul. Currently, she is as a UX Designer. She is interested in developing environmentally sustainable products and designing with a gamification perspective.

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