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From designing video games to learning a new programming language with Scratch, Java or Python, children get inspired to extend the boundaries of their abilities under the guidance of Hub21 passionate live online tutors. 

Virtual Programs

Hello, Coding!


Ages 7 - 9

This online Scratch coding course is the ideal way for young changemakers to get to grips with coding. Using the drag-and-drop creative learning environment developed by MIT Media Lab, your children will create fun animations, interactive stories, mini-games, sounds and much more!

Hello, Gamers!


Ages 7 - 9

This program is a great introduction to game design for budding changemakers. We use hands-on exercises and projects to teach your children the skills and techniques required to design and build

an interactive game.

Computational Thinking with Scratch

Ages 9-11

Game Developer

Ages 9-11

Platformer Module 1

Ages 9-12

This program bridges the fields of code and game design in 2D for our changemakers. Your children will learn how to code real-world physics, create their own world with cool heroes, trophies, obstacles…At the end of the program, your children will have created a 2D game and will be able to use their new skills to create more games

From computational thinking to computational action, this course
will give our changemakers a chance to explore all the programming concepts and create advanced projects as they further
enhance their mastery of block-based programming language developed by MIT Media Lab.

Our Game developer curriculum centres on creativity and game development, which emphasises the knowledge, practices, and fundamental literacies that our budding changemakers need to create dynamic and interactive games. They will develop entire game mechanics and share impressive projects with their friends.

Platformer Module 2

Ages 9-12

From the fundamentals of game design to essential 2D game programming concepts, your child will continue building the skills required to develop a seriously impressive multi-platform video game. During our second module, they will learn how to create exhilarating custom behaviours and improve their game mechanics using the best practices.

Scratch to Python

Ages 10-13

If your child want to continue to code and learn a text-based programming, our program is the best way for our budding changemakers of learning Python after Scratch. Using their Scratch knowledge such as controls, if, if else, repeat loops, forever loops, operators, variables, lists, broadcasts, they will  will write these in Python code.

Python Coder

Ages 12-15

Game Development with Unity

Ages 14-17

Processing with Java

Ages 14-17

In this course students will learn programming concepts by creating interactive 2D visual experiences using the Processing framework and JAVA programming language. These concepts include foundational ones; such as conditionals, loops, and data types; as well as object oriented programming concepts such as classes and inheritance. 

Thanks to its simple, easy-to-read style, our changemakers will master the arts of coding, editing and problem solving.  Then, they'll implement core programming constructs through fun and practical exercises until they are confident enough to tackle whatever coding challenges they face next!

Using a game development framework, our changemakers will implement the essentials of object-oriented programming to develop interactive mini-games that they can make their own and share with friends. This course will introduce the Unity Engine, which is a world-leading and free rendering engine used to make games, apps, films, and virtual reality experiences.

Nil, Leyla's mother

"Great team! Leyla says the best online class is Hub21 Virtual out of all. Hub21 is not only a place where they learn new entrepreneurial and STEAM concepts. They apply these concepts into real life and they truly enjoy it."

"Hub21 Virtual is an awesome place where you can learn how to code and become an entrepreneur. Our live instructors make everything much more fun and exciting to learn especially as they keep challenging me and my friends."

"Can enjoys it so much! Hub21`s virtual lessons are really great and giving the kids positive energy in this challenging time."

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