HUB21 Weekend Program offers 8 tech topics to children during 6 weeks to improve their entrepreneurial mindset and STEM skills at Kolektif House.

This program is designed for children to get the best of the in-demand skills that they just can't get in school.

  • 6 weeks

  • 3 age groups: 6-8, 9-12, and 10-15 

  • 8 tech topics

HUB21 Weekend Programs

Hello, Robotics!

Introduction to Robotics with Twin Science Kits

 Ages 6 - 8

A one-of-a-kind robotics engineering experience awaits your child, built around a collaborative and creative environment blended with science and technology. Your child will explore the boundless world of mechanical creation with TWIN, a science kit produced under the guidance of professors Aziz Sancar, Mehmet Toner, and Doğan Cüceloğlu.

Hello, Coding!

Introduction to Coding with Twin Science Kits

 Ages 7 - 8

Having learned the basics of mechanics and robotics, now it is time for your child to start coding and developing your programming skills. Using the TWIN Science Coding Kit, your child will learn a new method of logical problem solving to maximize the potential of unbridled robotics.


Computational Thinking with Scratch 3.0

 Ages 9 - 12

From computational thinking to computational action, this course is the ideal first step of a changemaker`s journey! Inspired by Harvard Graduate school of Education's curriculum, the children will engage in the creation of several projects as they further enhance their mastery of block-based programming language.


AI and Robotics with mBots

 Ages 9 - 12

Using world-wide approved robotics education kits, students will learn the fundamentals of robotics specifically focusing on "robotics design" and "coding for robots." During the course, pursuing the concept of "smart cities," they will observe use cases across different fields from transportation to infrastructures, and their relations with AI and IoT.

Game Development

Introduction to C# Programming with Unity

 Ages 10 - 15

Using a game development framework, students will learn the essentials of object-oriented programming to develop simple, interactive software that they can make their own. This course will introduce the Unity Engine, which is the world-leading and free rendering engine used to make games, apps, films, and virtual reality experiences.

What we explore at Hub21


Sanem, Kaya's  Mother

"Kaya enjoys his classes at Hub21, his friends and topics. He shows us the new learnings after each and every class."

"It is 20 times better than school."

"I see the light in the eyes of kids. There is another way for the education and you prove this at Hub21."

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